O&C Shag
Welcome to Shaggin’ Montreal!

This is the homepage for our classes in Collegiate Shag – a dance from the swing era which was popular across the United States. “Collegiate” shag is so named because it was popular with college kids at the time, and “shag” was a term for a dance your parents would disapprove of. These days we teach to all ages, with or without any prior dance

Swing Connexion is Shaggier! We are happy to announce that Shaggin’ Montreal has partnered with Swing Connexion and Jive Studio, two of Montreal’s largest and rockin’-est dance studios. NEXT CLASS: A 3 week “Shag for Dancers” class starts on February 16th, 2017. Come check it out and then “graduate” into the Lab!

Where and When: Swing Connexion / JiveStudio – where it’s all happening! Class schedule for Swing Connexion here.

This site also has information on the annual event, Shaggin’ Montreal, which has spotlighted Collegiate Shag since 2013. This year’s event is a country retreat to work intensively on our dancing, please contact us directly for details at ShagginMontreal@gmail.com.

Want to see us in action? Check out the latest performance by our troupe, les Shagnifiques!

Finally, I keep a blog here with reflections and advice for beginning dancers, as well as thoughts on my own dance journey.

Questions and feedback are welcome, whether it’s about the classes, the event, or the website. Email us at ShagginMontreal@gmail.com.

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